Beta Bushings

Lancia Beta Zagato HPE Coupe Shifter Bushings
 Your Shifting Problems are SOLVED!

Looking for a fix to your failed shift linkage?

Resurrect your ailing car with these new, better than original parts.
Get you car out of the garage, the back yard or the barn. 

Extremely Reliable
Professionally Engineered and Precisely Manufactured
Devised and Designed by Foreign Car Enthusiasts John and Eric Montgomery

Each Set includes:

3 New Bushings with Retainer Clips and Nuts
Custom Built Heim Joint Pivot Rod
Detailed Instructions for Repair

$129 per set

S&H of $7.00 in the US via USPS Mail Service; outside US must inquire.

Individual Bushings are also available... 
Each bushing includes a nut and retaining clip.
$25 ea. 

S&H of $7.00 in US via USPS Mail; outside US must inquire.

Application History

Lancia Beta Cars includes Beta Saloon, Beta Coupe, Beta Zagato Spider, Beta HPE.   Manual transmissions use a shift linkage assembly connecting the interior console shift lever to the gearbox.  This assembly utilizes two large rods and one small 6" long pivot rod.  The entire assembly moves together with three large plastic bushings and two small plastic bushings (at each end of a 6" pivot rod).  Each large plastic bushing encloses a steel ball stud, allowing a range of motion for each gear selection.  Over time the pressed in factory bushings become brittle and crack, allowing the ball stud to pop out.  The original factory plastic bushings are the primary cause of linkage problems.  The steel shift rods are super strong and do not go bad, it's just the bushings that deteriorate over time.

Once a linkage ball pops out the shift lever is useless and so is your car.  The factory bushings are no longer available unless the entire rod is purchased.  New shifting rods are not only very expensive but discontinued by Fiat.  Worst of all the bushings are extremely fragile.  New old stock rods are so old that the plastic bushings are often cracked before the part is even installed.

The Solution that Works!

Original factory OEM bushings are molded in place to your shift rods with a cap on both sides.  Our new replacement bushings use a retainer ring circle clip with a serrated outer cup to hold the bushing in the rod.  It's a very simple yet very effective design.  The inside contours of the bushing is made just like the original and are made of a very high density and self lubricating polymer material assuring years of trouble free operation.  The part should never ever wear out and installation is made via simple hand tools.

As always we recommend that you take all safety precautions while performing all repairs.  Before working on your vehicle, consult the services of a professional shop for installation if necessary. This bushing set when properly installed, restores factory shift linkage operation to original condition.  However, since your doing the installation, cannot be responsible in any way for the installation and performance of the product.  There are over 400 sets installed in the USA and UK, all without complaint or failure of any kind.  Our first set sold in 2004 and is still going strong.  So order with confidence friends and your car will once again shift like new!  The shifter rail is not included. 


Shift rail is not included.

Please feel free to email John with any questions.